Get Your Free Basket Mom and Baby

Basket mom and baby to win freebies


Mom and Baby BasketSome offers accompany you during your pregnancy and prepare for the arrival of your baby with dozens of presents to make you happy.

The principle is simple you just have to register on the site by filling out the registration form and once registered you will have access to cart mom and baby.

This basket contains dozens of free samples and baby freebies of products to find the biggest brands. These are special offers, discounts, and free items that you will receive.

These offers are also an ideal way to discover the latest products and get good advice when your child arrives.


The basket mom and baby contain:


– Diapers

– Diapers containing micro-sensors can capture up to 30 times their volume; an ideal product to keep the baby dry.

– A baby bottle of 125 ml to use from birth.

– Catalog of juvenile products Awakening & Games

– Entire catalog of games and awakening for children

– The collection of books Disney Book Club

– An offer to receive 6 free Disney books (excluding postage)

– The invitations Baby-Cards

– Discounts on creating your birth announcements with baby-cards.

– Practical guide for expectant mothers

– A booklet containing many tips on childbirth but also the first months of baby with all the necessary information on the paperwork, the rights of children.

– Parents’ magazine

– A magazine where you will find all the information for you and your baby.





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